Bento Friday (night)

I know! It’s Saturday!

This post is a little late, but I wanted to actually taste this bento before I posted it, so I figured a little mild tardiness wouldn’t be too big a deal. This bento came about as we were getting ready after work for a drive into my Hometown for the weekend. I really wasn’t feeling up to a fast food dinner, but I didn’t feel like I had the time to convince The Boy to let me pack a healthy, snackable pseudo-dinner for both of us. (Onigiri were definitely out.)

So, my compromise was to let The Boy go with his roadtrip tradition, and make myself a bento dinner instead:

20140124 - Bento on the go!

This box was very much a haphazard throwing together of whatever I could find: turkey crumbles mixed with more peas*, carrot kinpira made super quickly, a miso-marinated egg (my very first — I was quite excited to try it!), and rice. All in all, it was a little on the salty side (good thing I skipped the furikake on the rice!) but still way more satisfying than a burger would have been. (Although I will admit I totally stole some of The Boy’s fries. Some things — fried potato among them — are not to be missed, folks. They’re just not.)

* Are you questioning the wisdom of packing myself something loose and rolly like peas for an in-car meal? It actually worked out better than I had feared.

About that miso egg: do you see how the miso permeated it — it’s a lovely light brown colour through the white, and even the yolk had absorbed some of the flavouring. Very nice! I really liked the subtle miso flavour… though I’m going to have to experiment with timing because these eggs were in the marinade about a week, and it was quite salty. Not to the point where I couldn’t eat it, but I might soak the other egg in water a bit to draw out some of the salt when I get around to eating it.

Overall, I’d declare the miso eggs to be way more successful than my tea eggs, and not all that difficult to do either.

Happy weekend all!

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