Food and books (and books on food)

6 thoughts on “Food and books (and books on food)”

  1. I have some posts where I showed my breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack because I had early starts to my day and a yoga class in the early evening that I needed energy for. In addition to what I pack, I have EmergenC and an assortment of Earl Grey and herbal teas in my desk. I eat well; I eat to nourish my body and give me the mental energy needed to give, give, give to my students all day long.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who seems to eat continuously (it really isn’t though!) throughout the day! : ) I always feel slightly wary when I read about food “advice” that states that “snacking” between meals is bad. If I really only ate 3 meals a day, they would be enormous (and nap-requiring) or I would be famished all the time.

      1. I have hypoglycemia, so I have to snack. I spent my teenage years with far more migraines than I should have, in part because in England snacking wasn’t really encouraged at the time. I simply couldn’t make it from breakfast to lunch and from lunch to dinner. I really think that there are a number of ways to eat, and we should all try and find what works for us as individuals :) Now pass the granola bars!

  2. I’m in the extra snacks camp, as well. I give Alex 5 things in his lunch daily (unless I give him 6), and I end up somewhere near that number as well. One of the things is my “lunch”, like soup or a sandwich, and most of the rest is fruit/veggies or yogurt or both. Otherwise I’d be starving by the time lunch hit, or the time I left work. Or both.
    Also – I am not going to get to the Joy Luck Club until the 20th. I pick it up from the library today, but then go to Canada for a week. I’m bringing Under The Dome so I only have to carry one book. :/ So I’m end-loading my posts this month! I’m still going to read!

    1. No worries — you’ll be like me for the first two books of this year!! :p Hope your travels (at least the in-transit parts) are blissfully uneventful!
      As to snacks: hurray! The snack collective is raising its voice!

  3. My mom jokes that I’m paranoid. I’ve always been a little obsessed with expiration dates on food; I don’t know why. But it wasn’t until I read Michael Pollan’s In Defense Of Food that I started reading food labels. And I was really alarmed by what I found in my own food. So I started reading the labels of the food my horses were getting.

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