Bento Friday: Wednesday Edition

4 thoughts on “Bento Friday: Wednesday Edition”

  1. We should discuss squash at some point, b/c I have some interesting recipes that might help. Eggplant, though… only thing it seems to be good in is a curry. After it’s been cooked in lots of oil.

    1. Eggplant and I have an understanding of sorts. I like moussaka and spicy eggplant as a sandwich condiment, and very occasionally, I’ll chop up one of those skinny ones into a curry. Other than that, it’s to stay the hell out of my kitchen.
      Squash I don’t feel as strongly about (except for the pumpkin smell; UGH) but it’s my indifference to it that bothers me. How do you get stoked about something that you just KNOW is going to end up tasting “mehn”?

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