April flowers!

2 thoughts on “April flowers!”

  1. You are seriously tempting me to drop everything and make that mushroom dish for dinner, while my darling boyfriend is still out of town… I have this red wine… and tomato paste… and both need using… Sigh. But I also have leftovers that are getting a little old.
    Kitty-With-The-Crazies (shot 7) is adorable. :)
    Next thing you’ll say is that you’ve taken up Bingo as well as Matlock.

  2. Ha! Ask me what’s in my fridge. It is a terrifying collage of bits of things I cooked last week, this weekend, and some ingredients for the coming week. Food safety is… sort of a loose collection of guidelines round here. : )
    (And you should totally make it; it’s delicious.)

    I actually think Bingo is fun (* shame *) but only because I only play once every 3 years or so. And I don’t actually watch Matlock (…yet?) because I’m far too busy getting in as much Once Upon A Time as I can. (LOVE that show!)

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