One thought on “March!”

  1. Popple! :D …Is that a stick of butter wrapped in a… doughnut? A neck pillow??
    Alex was reading that Eric Flint series, but gave up somewhere in the midst of 1634.
    I love those earmuffs, too. Maybe you could re-cover the insides, to make them more comfy?

    I have been running to and fro a lot this month. Reading, too, but that’s because to-ing and fro-ing seems to involve a lot of public transit. How are you coming on JP? (Am I the only one reading this one?)

    I am *supposed* to be working on quilting, as I too now have access to a sewing machine… but alas. There is no time. Between new internship, thesis, and traveling, I barely have brain for life let alone hobbies. I’ve tried to novel, but it’s really slow going. I’ve managed all of two bike rides, I think, though both were good.

    Oh! Oh! I picked up a small table. For free, on someone’s driveway. Alex was horrified, but I’m going to refinish it. It’s marvelous. That is definitely exclamation-marky.

    How was the swing dancing? Have you gone back?

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