It’s been something of a whirlwind this past month or so. For the first time in weeks, I find myself in front of my stove, apron on, with the windows open to listen to the pouring rain while I chop and stir something other than a hectic dinner. I’m finally catching my breath, to a playlist heavy on the melancholy, while making ketchup. (This recipe, more or less, if you’re curious. I plan on also making Marissa’s version next week and seeing which I like better.)

So what’s been happening?

Most recent in mind is our puppy’s convalescence. As much as it pains me to miss tomorrow’s walk-a-thon, given that he was in surgery less than two days prior I think it’s excusable for us to give it a pass this year. (Half of our team will still be walking, and all money raised is still going to the OHS, if you’re wondering.) The vet just called to say that we could pick up our poor pooch today, so at least we’ll have the benefit of being able to be there to comfort his friendly snout as he rests up and heals. Both The Boy and I have been feeling a little uprooted in the house without his presence.

Cone of shame

Fun fact: the vet who was giving us the run-down of medications (4!), and when to give them (8-, 12- and 24-hour schedules!), along with feeding requirements (4-hour food shifts!) commented that while our puppy had been equipped with a Cone of Shame*, that it was a fabric cone which would be less bothersome for the dog. Only if we noticed our puppy circumventing the cone would we need to “upgrade” to the plastic kind. The Boy and I merely exchanged looks.

Then he went to fetch our pooch and upon his return, the vet sheepishly explained that apparently The Smelly had indeed found a way around the fabric cone, so the techs had replaced it with a full-on plastic one. Neither The Boy nor I were surprised.

* The vet’s phrasing was “Elizabethan collar”, but let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?


It’s not all been scary and heart-rending around here, though; far from it, in fact.

The past long weekend both The Smelly and I embarked on our first-ever camping trip! We weren’t alone, obviously: we shared the excellent company of The Boy, Dan and Maria who are also all veteran campers! Thanks to their experience (and some wonderful weather) we had a lovely and surprisingly restful time.

I’d have loved to document the occasion fully with photographs of my own, but for the second time in a month, my beloved Rebel failed me. I think it’s time for me to admit that my faithful first (digital) camera’s days are over. I did manage to snap a few shots before the Fail:

View from our campsite

Frog on a log

Hand-whittled marshmallow roasting stick

Naughty ladybugs (on The Boy's shirt!)


I was touched that the first thing The Boy set to (after disappearing into the woods with Dan to track down some fallen trees, drag them back, chop/saw them into pieces, and build a roaring fire of course…) was to whittle me my very own marshmallow-roasting stick. The stick was certainly put to good use over the next few days!

It’s a small detail, but I was really pleased at how well the pancakes worked out. I’d never tried to make a “just add water” pancake mix before, so I’m happy they turned out fairly tasty… although if I’m being honest, most things taste pretty good cooked over an open fire in fresh air, and foods that have been deep-fried (over an open fire in fresh air) in bacon grease, even more so.


There’s been other stuff too, of course; there is in everyone’s life, I’m sure. Mystery water in the basement, a brand new nephew (!), new routines as we settle into fall, work craziness, harvest festivals, new challenges and projects to embrace before the winter (I have a sewing one coming up that I’m actually excited about!), and all the small things that make up daily life.

I’m still sorting through photographs (…some of them from July, whoops) and hopefully will get to fill in some of the blanks soon. In the meantime, it’s been nice to be able to slide back into some sort of routine.

Rainbow carrots!

(As an aside, I am so grateful to our CSA for keeping us constantly in vegetables, whether or not I manage to find time to head out for groceries. It means that no matter how crazy things get, there’s always something reasonably healthy in the house to snack on, which has been a great help.)

Lastly, if you’re wondering about that ketchup? It’s delicious. I literally want to sit down with a jar and eat it with a spoon. (And, umm, may have done so, just a little bit.) I’m trying to think of things to cook up to slather this stuff on, it’s that good. I won’t say it’s not a little time consuming, but oh! so worth it, as homemade foods usually are.

2 responses to “Happenings

  1. You have a craft project? REALLY? ;)
    I am delighted to hear you’re finally getting rain. The last time you posted, I think, it was in time of drought.
    I really, really like the textures in the frog picture. It’s fantastic, and I tell you now that I am saving it on my computer as a possible background for later. Was it while camping that the Smelly had his cone-producing problem?

    • Don’t save it: I’ll send you the full-size frog photo. (The ones posted here are really low-res.) :)

      He had a twisted stomach brought on by a case of bloat. It’s a fairly common issue in big dogs, but scary because it can be fatal (due to organ failure — the twisted stomach cuts off blood flow to other parts of the body). We’re really lucky that he has no other complications and seems to be healing really quickly. (It’s going to be hard on him not to get any walks this week, but such are the doctor’s orders!)

      As to the rain, we’ve been getting a reasonable amount of late :) and today’s downpour was wonderful. If nothing else, the drought has taught me to really appreciate rain!!

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