2 thoughts on “Happenings”

  1. You have a craft project? REALLY? ;)
    I am delighted to hear you’re finally getting rain. The last time you posted, I think, it was in time of drought.
    I really, really like the textures in the frog picture. It’s fantastic, and I tell you now that I am saving it on my computer as a possible background for later. Was it while camping that the Smelly had his cone-producing problem?

    1. Don’t save it: I’ll send you the full-size frog photo. (The ones posted here are really low-res.) :)

      He had a twisted stomach brought on by a case of bloat. It’s a fairly common issue in big dogs, but scary because it can be fatal (due to organ failure — the twisted stomach cuts off blood flow to other parts of the body). We’re really lucky that he has no other complications and seems to be healing really quickly. (It’s going to be hard on him not to get any walks this week, but such are the doctor’s orders!)

      As to the rain, we’ve been getting a reasonable amount of late :) and today’s downpour was wonderful. If nothing else, the drought has taught me to really appreciate rain!!

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