6 thoughts on “Weekending”

  1. That’s enough of a recipe for me to try it! Thanks! :) (The strawberry also sounds so good that I may also have to try it. Then I will have to find Some Way of Eating Jam, because… yeah, we barely do that.) (And we have jam in the fridge now, so…) (Are these freezer-able jams? Or sit forever in the cupboard prior to opening jams?)

    1. Those jams are all sit-on-a-shelf-till-the-cows-come-home-able, but with that said, I see no reason you couldn’t freeze them? There’s enough sugar in them that the fruit should be okay, I think.
      As to the not-eating of jam, I used to be in that boat. My solutions: start making english muffins (aka jam delivery vectors), and start stirring jam into yoghourt. : )

      1. Stage One of Ginger Rhubarb Jam is in the fridge. :) Thanks again! (But this “some” lemon juice you reference… was that for liquidity? To a desired flavour? What was your stopping point? I have two fresh lemons so I can’t WAIT to complete Stage Two.)

        Alex doesn’t know it, but I am going to sneak a look at the Strawberry Rhubarb jam recipe in my canning cookbook and probably make that too. Rhubarb doesn’t last that long and then I pine for it all year. Which probably means pie, too, but we have a birthday party to attend so that’s not a problem. Ahem.

        And at some point, I’m trying that strawberry lemongrass recipe you mention. I think you had the link somewhere… an earlier post, probably. I will look.

        What this really means is that I need to start laying in English muffins and yogurt.

  2. Not sure if the lemon juice is to ensure acidity for safe canning or just add a splash for flavour, but I’d say I put in about 1 or 2 tbsp. Not two lemons’ worth, that’s for sure : ) I think I squeezed in half a lemon, stirred it around, tasted it, and was satisfied. This is probably the least reliable canning recipe ever, sorry : )
    In other news, despite the fact that I’ve tried it and that it tastes quite good, I can’t grok stirring curd into yoghourt. After years of making “buttermilk” by putting lemon juice into milk, the whole citrus+dairy thing doesn’t work for me. Jam, however, is most definitely a go.
    Hurray for your jam-making! : )

    1. No, no – the place for lemon curd is in vanilla pudding. And then in my mouth. :) I know that I have eaten and enjoyed lemon flavoured yogurt, but… I am unsure of curd + yogurt.
      Acidity makes sense. I will continue to wing based on your recollections. Stage Two is complete! The jars have processed, and three of them have popped. Already. It’s been less than five minutes. Huzzah!
      And holy carp did it smell delicious while cooking…

  3. It’s that time again… stage one is just about done. Except I realized when I started that I had no fresh ginger. I am using about the same amount of crystallized ginger pieces. They’ll soak overnight and I bet more flavour will come out tomorrow when I boil it. :)
    I am also making that strawberry rhubarb jam tomorrow. (I made rhubarb kumquat over the weekend. It is more kumquat marmalade, but with a sourness and warmth.)
    I have solved my jam problem. Alex has started making bread.

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