Garden update

2 thoughts on “Garden update”

  1. I love the new top photo! Do you use them, or are the jars merely decorative? (I still have the ones we found that weekend of the Great Garage Sale! I use one of them for lentils, and use the lentils from it. I… am drawing a blank on what the other two hold, which probably means they aren’t holding anything. However, the sugar container (similar in design) has a lid that won’t fit anymore… so one may be repurposed when I get home.)

    This reminds me to email you a photo Alex took while we were at an open house this weekend, because we saw the perfect setup for snap peas. Also – I tried to convince zucchini to climb – no dice. It’ll be interesting if you can get your cucumber to do it.

    1. I totally use them — that picture is the middle shelf of my cupboard! : ) The last batch of jars I found actually still had the rubber seals with them, so after some significant scrubbing, I’ve been adding the ring seals to the jars that I use to hold powders (various flours, corn meal, potato starch, etc.). They say that you should keep ground things in the freezer, or at the very least in airtight containers, so hurray, I can actually do that now!

      I found that (despite my misgivings last year) the metal spiral things work really well with tomatoes — and I think if my cucumbers were a little beefier in girth, it would work well for them too. As it is, I’ve been velcro-ing a little just before the twists (which the plant rests on) to encourage it. Can’t say for sure that it’s work… they’d need to grow a little more for me to tell! I am very curious about this snap pea rig though — send, send!

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