Cooking with Gwyneth

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Gwyneth”

  1. I don’t really care about her one way or the other. The syrup comment would have amused me, too. (I’ve tried Illinois sirup, even, so I have a basis for comparison.)
    Her vegenaise comment is weird, though. She’ll eat poultry, but not egg-based items? What? (I assume she over-justifies this somewhere, too.)

    1. Oh, I think I just wasn’t clear there. She eats eggs and dairy, she just states in the ingredient-glossary that she *prefers* vegenaise. Which is totally fine, but don’t list it as an ingredient! It’s like those grocery-store recipes that specify “1/2 cup Kraft Miracle Whip” instead of just saying “mayonnaise”, you know? Gah. Small thing, but irksome.

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