Book glut and canning plans

3 thoughts on “Book glut and canning plans”

  1. I absolutely wish I had more time for canning – and more space. I filled up the space we had with tomato sauce (which is almost gone, actually), some salsa (the last of which would vanish if I brought it out) and mincemeat (which, well…) We ate a LOT of salsa last year. I would can more if I could figure out a space to put it… maybe I need to cull my cookbooks, to make room!

    I DO have a canning book I like, but I’m not at home. Reply to this and I’ll remember to get the title when I’m near the cabinet. It’s where I got the recipe for the tomato sauce and a handful of salsas. There are a number of other things in there that I mean to make, too. The reason I like it so much is that it doesn’t require a pressure canner – all instructions include boiling water canning.

    Pickles are a nice side dish with dinner, I find. Not all the time, but a once in awhile thing. Or with lunches. I need to make a batch of pickles (and relish!) to send with Alex in his lunches.

    Hey hey, do you have a good recipe for apple sauce? I could check my book, but if you have a good one I’d be interested. Alex loves the stuff.

    1. Re: applesauce — I do! I went with this one [] and as far as I remember, I didn’t need any of the white sugar. The best advice I have is make sure you have a good mix of apple types; it really does help the flavour!

      As to lack of space… have you guys hoisted your bed up on cinder blocks yet? Think of the jars you could cram under there! :p

      I’d love to know what your book is. As I said, I do quite like this one but for some reason, am holding out on buying it. : )

      1. Okay – I bought a copy of the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. It’s edited by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine. It does have a lot of jam recipes and fruit but one of them is for strawberry rhubarb jam, so… :) Also carrot cake jam. I will be trying both at some point.

        I found it at Bed Bath and Beyond when I went to buy the giant water bath pot, and it hooked me because it had three salsa recipes that I wanted to make immediately. The salsa verde is great, the peppery pear so-so, and the peach Alex didn’t like but I thought was fabulous. Looking at the index, it only has 2 recipes with tomatillos.

        Thank you for the applesauce recipe! If I can excavate more room, that’ll be something I make in the next little while.

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