CSA Week 19

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 19”

  1. You want to cook those leeks in butter with carrot slices with some ginger. Then you want to wrap that mixture in a burrito shell, and eat it. You can add meat, if you like, but that’s my go-to for leeks. :)
    I have actually been canning a lot lately, because of your posting about micro-canning. I have LOTS of marinara sauce, a good bit of three different salsas, and three quarts of mincemeat. And nowhere else to store anything else, so I have to stop.

    1. Okay, just tried that tonight, although admittedly sans burrito; I just fried everything up and served it as a side to some curry. Delicious! Thanks for the suggestion! :)

      Good for you and your canning! I think after I sauce up some apples staring guilt-inducingly at me from the sideboard, I’m done for this year, myself. I’ll post my Stuffs after (mostly so I remember what I canned because, like you from the sounds of it, I have it stashed sort of hither and thither too.)

      …what’s actually IN mincemeat?

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