3 thoughts on “Sugar.”

  1. I’m not big on them either – but I’m not really wild on mostly-egg-white anything. Not sure if it’s the texture or the flavour, but I don’t see the point.
    My weekend has too much traveling and not enough sleep. I got a turkey dinner out of it, though. (My parents took me to a dinner at the seniors’ club. I met someone who may know Alex’s aunt and uncle, too.)

    1. I think society has programmed me: when I read your message, my first thought was “Turkey? But it’s not a holiday!”
      I love meringues with an unwholesome passion. These? Not so much.

      Whence have you guys been traveling?

  2. It’s just me here right now – I came to Buffalo and then over the border on Saturday night to visit the folks. I’m here til the 2nd. My mother has already shown me the list of chores my dad wants me to do – like install a new toilet in the main bathroom. Hang a storm door. Stuff like that.

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