CSA Week 8

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 8”

  1. We grilled beets on the bbq this past weekend – they’re okay, but nothing special. We sliced them thick, though (about 1cm) and marinaded them in a vinagrette for half an hour. I read that if you slice them thinner (1/8″), they cook faster and it’s like faintly sweet chips instead. I liked them hot but found they didn’t have a lot of redeeming value once cold.
    I thought of you earlier this week, because I did some microcanning of tomato sauce on Wednesday night! I have two jam jars done. :)

    1. I don’t know that I want to eat beet “chips”, so I’ll try 1/4″-ish: skinny enough to cook thoroughly, but hopefully thick enough to keep some of the tender flesh, with enough roasty flavour from the outside to be good.
      …and if they get cold, I’ll grind them up and Jessica Seinfeld them into pasta sauce (done it, works great) or pudding (haven’t done it yet, still looking for a good recipe).

      Good for you and your tomato sauce cannery! I’m still waiting on my tomatoes (I have a couple cherry tomatoes that are *just* reaching ripeness, and the romas are still violently green) but I may have enough cucumbers to try my first bread and butter pickle soon : )

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