CSA Week 7

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 7”

  1. I am a Planner (you may have noticed). Every Sunday morning, between waking up and finishing my scone and coffee at the bagel shop, I plan what we’re going to eat which day for the week. (Which day is often important – planning an extravagant meal on a day I get home at 6:30pm just doesn’t work well.) Then I can grocery shop for what I need once, and I’m done.
    I basically think about what I feel like eating, think about what’s in season if I need help, and ask Alex what he refuses to eat that week for further constraints. (I don’t ask about fish. I just plan that, and he eats it, because that’s what’s for dinner that night. Otherwise, I’d never get to eat the stuff.) During the week, I’ll see if any recipes look interesting and drop them in the bowl with the meal planning notebook (paper for the grocery lists!) and then I find them Sunday morning. If I get really lost… I have default meals too.
    Beets, however, sound fantastic. I may buy beets this weekend. I should probably figure out what to do with them first, though… oh, Google…

    1. If you can stand turning your oven on, roasted beets *are* delicious : )
      Been flipping through Jamie Oliver’s book (Jamie at Home) and he recommends them raw, super-thin (like peel curls of them with a veggie peeler; that thin) in a salad for sweetness. Let me know what you end up doing — I’m always looking for more beet ideas! (Also: can’t wait till it’s back to soup weather so I can try making borscht. Although that’ll be weird since the “Chinese borscht” is tomato-based and has no beet in it…)

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