CSA Farm Potluck

2 thoughts on “CSA Farm Potluck”

  1. Yep, the hut with the little chicken feet. :) I knew where you were coming from.
    Also, I routinely microwave butter and chocolate together. I even stir it. It comes out fine. Proceed with blessings! (Chocolate beet sounds like what red velvet cake may have started as?)

    1. I’m pretty sure those chickens (or at least their violently yellow feet) are what prompted me to read O.S. Card’s “Enchantment” again. Have you read it? It’s total fantasy — all myth and folklore, explored in a weird dichotomy of modern and Olde. It’s good. : )

      I was wondering that, except that every red velvet recipe I’ve ever seen has almost zero chocolate (just a couple spoons of cocoa, usually) and a tonne of red dye. They would have been better to go this route!

      Despite my grumpiness with it at the moment, I will try making the cake again in the future just, as you say, with the microwaving, and with way fewer eggs (the beet and butter add enough moisture — you don’t need FIVE eggs as well!).

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