DC Challenge: Homemade pasta!

8 thoughts on “DC Challenge: Homemade pasta!”

    1. Although Jamie gives the option for yolk-only pasta, I used whole eggs. Part of the deep colour is (I think?) the freshness of the eggs — we buy them from a farmer friend, and the yolks are usually very bold in colour, almost orange. (I also put about 1/4c of semolina flour in the mix, which might have added a little yellowness too!)

  1. Your noodles are gorgeous. I made noodles twice and the first time I had the same issue you did with the rolling it out. The second time I added a tablespoon of olive oil and viola! Easy kneading and rolling. Granted, I had to add a TON more flour to the outside of the dough to keep it from sticking, but all in all my arms were much happier with me. Oh, and your rolling pin is GORGEOUS!

  2. I think you should pat you and Betty (hahaha) on the back! Pasta dough is pretty stiff and I can imagine how hard it was to roll it all out. Hopefully that just makes you more determined to try it again, until you’re totally happy with it! Great job!

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