30 for 30: prep phase

2 thoughts on “30 for 30: prep phase”

  1. Cool. One thing I’m still not clear on, though – I understand that you’re limited to the 30 items. But do you *have* to wear each one at least once, too? If it’s so cold/windy all of July that you never get to wear a summery dress, or so hot and sunny that you never wear the raincoat, have you still completed the challenge?

    1. Based on the blogs of other (past) participants, I’m pretty sure that wearing everything isn’t a requirement. So technically, I could just make four weather-appropriate outfits and just wear those for the month. However, since the point is to help the challengee (?) see their familiar clothes in a new way, and then “remix” them into new outfits, I’d be sort of missing the point. : )
      I actually delayed this challenge from springtime to July specifically so I’d have some more predictable weather. If it goes well, I might do another for myself in the winter!

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