CSA Week 2 (and garden notes)

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 2 (and garden notes)”

  1. The potatoes are very leggy! Mine were big, but there was so much leafiness that it was like having a bed of bushes. But they will grow anywhere, and make you really nice soil for next year. I have a potato bed up against the fence that nothing but potatoes and onions will grow in, so I hear your pain. I resorted to coleus and periwinkle to perk it up (apparently begonias wouldn’t grow there either).
    My tomatoes are already fruiting – I was frankly expecting it would be August before I had anything. No sprouts yet on the garlic, though. I took your word and threw a bunch of cloves in the ground to try to deal with the pest problem. I may ask more about this two turn thing when I have sprouts.

  2. Yup, they’re leggy… and now they’re knocked flat from all the rain. We’re going to have to pick up that compost quicker than I’d thought! : )

    I’m actually starting to have doubts about the “two turns” thing — most of the scapes we buy at the farmers’ markets (or that came in the CSA share) the scape has coiled on itself once (to make one turn, or loop)… and that’s it. My scapes are just about completing their first loop so… does this mean they’re ready to go? My stomach thinks so. Hmm….

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