(Longish) Garden update

2 thoughts on “(Longish) Garden update”

  1. I envy your carrots and your bok choi. I’m fighting a potato bug infestation right now, so if I had either I’m sure they’d be eaten in short order. *sulks*
    Maybe it’s time to plant some garlic and onions around that bed…

    1. Does spraying with soapy water fend off potato bugs? I know it usually works for small soft-bodied insects (like aphids), but I can’t remember if it’ll work on potato bugs too. : / Good luck fighting them!
      The garlic I honestly can’t sing the praises of highly enough. I have a little under 30 plants growing, and they seem to be doing an amazing job of guarding my tender greens. 30 bulbs? That’s it? I can totally eat that in a year (how romantic! I’ll have my own garlic bulbs hanging in the pantry!). Next year, I’m doubling it (as I’ll also plant some in the other bed). Yes!

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