Florida sunshine!

3 thoughts on “Florida sunshine!”

  1. I think they’re sandpipers – but I’m not certain.
    Did you eat rock shrimp? Tell me you ate rock shrimp. Or BBQ. Or both. I’m happy that you got to see the launch! I remember the one for Phoenix being really exciting even if it was at 4am and somehow still full of mosquitoes.
    Also – I love the shark picture. :)

    1. Yay! When we showed my mom, do you know the first thing she said was “Why is your head *inside* Jaws? Now how are we supposed to know who the picture is of?!” I’m glad someone sees things the way I do : )

      So, uh, no. No rock shrimp, no cream gravy ‘n’ biscuits, no baaaaaah-bq. In my defense, however, I was in Orlando two (or three?) weeks ago for work and I had plenty of southern deliciousness then. We’ve stuck with fairly standard fare during our stay here (including some home-grilled steak? does that count?). Also: what is rock shrimp?

      We laughed when we saw on the NASA site that they were asking guests for the Endeavour launch to “please arrive 7 hours prior to the scheduled launch time”. Ouch!

      1. Rock shrimp is shrimp that is so delicious that I nearly forswore my religious devotion to pie. It is that good. Really. I first tried it in a dive bar somewhere in Cocoa Beach, I think – the ceiling fan blades were those large hand-fans shaped like spades. They were broiled or maybe grilled. I have never looked back.
        No BISCUITS?! *shock*
        Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shuttle launch. We arrived 3-4 hours early each time, but we got thunderstormed out each time.

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