DC Challenge: Flower Pot… tacos?

9 thoughts on “DC Challenge: Flower Pot… tacos?”

    1. Thanks Audax! My favourite was still your salmon stock bowl — what crazy creativity! — and such a perfect vessel for Nicoise. Your family must have been super happy to try all your experiments this month!! : )

  1. Part of me wonders if you had preheated the pots as well as the oven if the tacos would have been crispier? Or baked the shells alone, and then filled them? I’m uncertain if you baked them filled or not. But little rice grains as fertilizer bits in the “dirt” would have also been really neat!

    1. I baked just the shells (no filling) — but the idea of pre-heating the pots is a good one! Then again, given how long it took me to shape the tortillas around them… not sure how hot they’d have been when they went back in : )
      I’m definitely hoping to do it again with pie crust — proper pies!

    1. Thanks Suz — I have to say, I share your love of bread, and it’s so nice to see someone using bread bowls for something other than soup or chowder! I may well steal your ratatouille idea! : )

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