Sort-of Book Club (bonus!): The Hunger Games

2 thoughts on “Sort-of Book Club (bonus!): The Hunger Games”

  1. I agree with most of what you’ve said, but I go with the Oatmeal’s (and Unbreakable’s, I guess) critique: a cardboard main character allows the reader to imagine themselves in the novel. You’re not really shouldering anyone aside, right?
    I think Peeta is so appealing because he’s real. He gets all the character development that Katniss never experiences. Gale is the same, just to a lesser degree.
    I was also all about the love triangle. Because, really, Katniss being a cardboard little figurehead didn’t really entangle me in her (lack of) development. And you can only stare at the background for so long.

    1. I disagree with the cardboard character thing in this case (although I do think the Oatmeal is spot on inTwilight’s case). While Bella had the universal teenaged awkwardness and a strong need to fit into the new school going for her, Katniss doesn’t have *anything* that the average girl can really use to slide into. She’s completely ruthless, totally void of emotion; who wants to imagine themselves as that? It’s upsetting to me because aside from her total lack of development, the story is really great. Grr!

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