In favour of flashmobs

2 thoughts on “In favour of flashmobs”

  1. I think it’s a neat idea, but I for one am against flash mobs on skates – unless EVERYONE can skate. Two or three people leading a horde of woops, fell backwards onto your toepick, sorry about that, oh look at this blood everywhere sounds like a bad plan.
    The Thriller one does sound like fantastic fun, though. Why have you failed in past years? Not home, not enthused?

    1. Usually I forget about it mid-summer due to being swept up by summery stuffs. By the time I start thinking about Hallowe’eny things, I’ve either missed the practice sessions, or completely forgotten until like October 27th, at which point it’s too late to join in.
      THIS year, however, I have a note in my calendar to myself. So we’ll see if I can master blending the edges of latex wounds to make them look more realistic by then or not : )

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