Sort-of Book Club: Un Lun Dun

3 thoughts on “Sort-of Book Club: Un Lun Dun”

  1. Hmm – I like question 2 very much as well. I found the message a bit different – because the very story that unfolds, her Going and Doing, is in spite of her “as attachment to” role. I think it’s more of a Don’t Think of Yourself In Terms of Other People; that each person should be defined by who they are rather than by who they are to someone else.
    Of course, I think you’re pretty much saying this already and I’m restating the obvious. :)

    1. Aha, but now the question: is she Going and Doing mostly out of spite (i.e. I’ll show THEM what a Shwazzy should be doing!) or the desire to be special? Or is it mostly just because she knows they’re in trouble and it’s Up To Her to save them? It’s bound to be some balance of the two, but the whole argument hinges on whether she’s doing it for herself (save the innocent!) vs for her image (think Zanna’s all that, do you?!). And the book is gloriously vague on the motivations : )

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