(Knitting) confession time

3 thoughts on “(Knitting) confession time”

  1. You can do it! :)
    But I request that you post a picture of your Minty hat, since I do not have a Ravelry account. And I’m lazy. (After a day in the lab, fighting with the rock saw, coming home to make dinner, empty the dish rack, sort through the remaining dirty dishes to find things that go in the dishwasher, and now I need a shower before D&D. You’d be lazy too!) The June challenge is an interesting contradiction of citron (=yellow?) and red in the same description. Both?
    This may inspire me to Finish The Danged Cat Blanket Already. (Only one rectangle left to knit, and the rest is already knit-sewn together!) (Stupid remaining rectangle.)

    1. Even on Ravelry there’s no picture yet of Minty : ) I’ll post one in the next couple days though. Citron is the name of the pattern (here: http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter09/PATTcitron.php) — I’m not crazy! And while I like the idea of knitting it up in a citrus colour… let’s face it, I’m a winter; I don’t wear citrus colours!
      Your day does indeed sound exhausting — hopefully the DnD session rejuvenated you!
      And I think you should get that cat blanket done by February 28th. OR ELSE. :p

      1. …Did I just get co-opted into a knitting challenge as well as a book club? Damnit! ;)
        D&D was good but ran a little long. We had enough sugar that a few of us got into the “giggling helplessly even though it wasn’t THAT funny” state. It’s funny, because I’ve started bringing the knitting there. It works for making sure I progress, given that there are five of us in every round of combat. Another girl does needlepoint.

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