Loose ends

3 thoughts on “Loose ends”

  1. SMART goals? As in some acronym I’ve never heard of, or as in intelligent and reasonable?
    I may also now be imagining you, chipmunk-like, burrowing into a pile of yarn the way you dove into the ballpit at Google. ;)

    1. Didn’t I “dive” in ass first? That’s the way I remember it : )
      I’ll consider posting a picture of the stash; it would be good to have something to measure myself against come the end of the year, after all. Just, you know, I’m not sure about publicly admitting how *much* yarn I’ve been hoarding…
      re: SMART — I guess your teachers in highschool didn’t yammer at you about it? It’s an acronym — specific, measureable, attainable, reasonable (don’t ask me how those are different) and timed (this last usually being my downfall).

      : ) What about you? Any new year projects?

      1. So for some reason I never got the email saying you’d replied…
        Isn’t admitting the problem the first step in getting help? ;) Kidding, kidding. You don’t have to put a scale with the pile of yarn, I guess…
        Nope, never heard of that before. Attainable vs reasonable – so, “eat my body weight in pie” is possible, but maybe not the best idea. Something like that? My only real resolution was to get ready for the century bike ride in Feb, but I’ve been doing that since November so I’ve got a head start on it. Maybe… I’ll read one book a month from the current contents of my to-read shelf? That’s attainable and reasonable. (And probably something I should be doing anyways, because the pile isn’t shrinking.)

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