Book Club (sort of)

One thought on “Book Club (sort of)”

  1. I read The Happiness Project a while back too. It was a good book and I found myself inspired at the time. I have ALWAYS wanted to be part of a book club and just never thought that my circle of people would be up for it. I commend you for starting this kids book club and I’m in!! I say once you gauge the interest and get things rolling, that you could delegate a “book chooser” each month. It’s fun to get a wide range of interests when making monthly choices so alternate the person choosing. Oh, and I have to say that your vision of how a book club should be is how I’ve always imagined it to be too! Great food, a comfy spot on a couch or chair and good conversation around a fireplace in the winter or on a flower-adorned patio in the summer. Maybe someday…. :) I’m off to find this month’s book at the library! Thanks for getting this started Charissa.

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