Canning season summary

3 thoughts on “Canning season summary”

  1. I think my favourites are spiced grapefruit and red pepper jelly. So good. :) Why are there no rings on the lids?? You have the tops, but not the screw-down ring part. INVISIBLE CANNING RINGS!

    1. I also love red pepper jelly! Not sure how you’d get the “juice” out of the peppers to make it though? By… boiling? I’ll have to look it up for next year (although for something like that, I’m also happy to just buy it at the farmer’s market).
      Rings — they were on when I was processing, but I take them off to check (and clean) and then I just don’t put them back on (although I will for the jars I’m gifting). They do look kind of naked but… I don’t really see the point of having them on once they’re done. Also, this way, I can test the jars (not that I’m paranoid or anything, *cough*, every time I pick them up (by the lids). : )

      1. I’ve never made it, but a good friend and my mom both have done so. Apparently you need less red pepper than you think, but rather more booze. I figure one of these days I’ll try making it myself.
        Huh. I always thought you needed them, but okay.

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