CSA Week 18 (holy crap, snow! edition)

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 18 (holy crap, snow! edition)”

  1. Snow? Really? *envy*
    We don’t get trick-or-treaters here. Our door is set back too far, and we usually forget to get a pumpkin to lure them closer. (More candy for me!)
    Go, turnip, go! (Grow, turnip, grow?) I am losing a battle with a squirrel to keep him out of my late-planted snap peas. The little bastard – I understand my father’s friend’s hatred of them more clearly now. (He has a gun with a scope. Because they’re small.)

    1. There was indeed. Today, however, we are weirdly surrounded by the sound of spring, because it’s all melting, and water is trickling everywhere.
      Re: Squirrel — can you maybe protect them with some kind of chicken-wire thing? Laser death rays?
      We have well over half the candy I’d bought sitting around mocking us.

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