Stageshow nostalgia

4 thoughts on “Stageshow nostalgia”

  1. For me, it’s always been Cats that gets sung in the shower. :) However, after reading this, I did not do credit to One Song Glory whilst blowdrying my hair!

    1. I haven’t sung a Cats song in forever! I usually go with “Take Me or Leave Me” (uh, or the Dixie Chicks) in the shower, myself. I’m liking “Popular” or “Defying Gravity” of late though — and The Boy informs me that Chewie has taken to camping outside the bathroom door when I sing, so apparently I have an audience! (Now I just need to teach him to clap his paws…)

  2. I had a modern musical all set to recommend to you until your “until” and then BAM you said what I was already thinking! Wicked was,well, wicked. We saw it in NYC on our honeymoon (in the front row none-the-less) and it was captivating, beautiful, breathtaking, and just overall awesome! You MUST see this musical someday.

    1. I know — I really do! And better still, The Boy was talking about a roadtrip to New York at some point in the next year — I didn’t even have to suggest it or anything. Admittedly, he was thinking about it in terms of seeing a hockey game in another city, but I informed him that if he’s going to the Big Apple (he’s never been), I’m coming too, and whether he comes with me or not, I’m watching Wicked while I’m there. : ) So fear not — it’s on the to-do list!

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