5 thoughts on “October!”

  1. Oh, I know that cat-back. What did you do this time? ;)
    I’m not getting anything done, and feeling somewhat stressed. And like I need one more day off to relax before I’m capable of getting anything else accomplished on the thesis, which is bad timing.
    Wait, not true – I went and harvested tomatoes of my own!

    1. I didn’t do anything — really! That’s Guinness’ typical “I don’t need you; I’m a CAT!” strut as she sets off to make her rounds. : )
      I kind of feel the same way although not so much stressed as under-slept. Thankfully Thanksgiving will be here soon. For you though — what will you do?
      (And let’s see those tomatoes!)

      1. The tomatoes I can produce! Have a look:

        Admittedly, it’s not as impressive as the harvest a few weeks ago, when we had peppers, zucchini, and eggplant all ripening at the same time (1/3 cup measurement for scale, and I forgot to put the carrots in the picture): http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc101/Cobalt_00/Garden/P9090048b.jpg
        Mostly… I think I’m going to send a few emails and cook a little bit this afternoon. I need to send the emails, and I can make a list of things to do tomorrow to get back on track. Early night would probably be a good idea, too.
        Burning out now is just not an option.

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m very jealous! Are you canning all those tomatoes? (Or… making salsa? Pasta feast?) : ) Your garden has done awesome this year — and it’s still going! It’s frosty enough up here now that mine’s pretty much done, unless my broccoli wants to surprise me by flowering (very unlikely).

  3. One bowl went into a chili this afternoon, and whatever I don’t eat by Monday will go into a bag for my friend Sarah. (She’s next on the list of Accepting Tomato Bounty.) (I have 4-5 other people on the list. I rotate through.) I’ve also made tomato sauce (which became pizza sauce, eventually) and bruschetta.
    Yeah. We may get frost in December. Nothing will die until then. I’m told the onions will keep growing anyways and I can harvest them in February or March. It’s… weird, growing things here. Not Like Ontario At All.

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