CSA Week 13

2 thoughts on “CSA Week 13”

  1. Uh – well, I have a recipe for pumpkin bread and one for sweet potato muffins – so zucchini bread sounds delicious. But my best bet would be roast it, freeze it, and take it out when needed for stirfries or curries later on in the winter.
    Or squash soup!

  2. Patty-pans are awesome! I loved them in their marinated form when I was a kid, and after this year’s success with regular zucchini, I’ll definitely be trying to grow them next year.

    I have recipes I like for both zucchini soup and bread, I’ll have to remember to send them when I get home. In addition to those and general use in stirfries, I also grated and froze a bunch of mine for use in the winter.

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