CSA Week 12

3 thoughts on “CSA Week 12”

  1. Aww. :)
    I love the montage of veggies! I have to admit, you’re making me consider a CSA down here, too. I love planning out the week on Sunday morning over breakfast, but being forced to be creative would be a good challenge.

    1. I highly recommend it! : ) You’re still planning out the week, it’s just that now you’re planning it out based on your CSA share, rather than flyers or whatever. (Or a combination of both, most likely, since you guys aren’t vegetarians… are you? Has California hippie-fied you both? Just checking.)

      1. Nope – we’re still meativores. :) I basically plan using what I feel like eating, or a new recipe I feel like trying. I feel like Thai – so we’re having a curry, and what do we need, etc. It’s not exactly seasonally based. Sometimes I change my mind once we’re at the market (they have corn!) but not always.

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