CSA Week 5

4 thoughts on “CSA Week 5”

    1. Thanks — they are both very aware of the camera; it’s quite hilarious!
      For some reason, we’re not really a smoothie household, although I do make homemade popsicles out of fruit mush fairly often — maybe I could sneak some greens pureed into those : ) Thanks for the idea!
      Re: turnip latkes… does this mean I’m not allowed to wuss out due to laziness?

    2. Tammy the latkes turned out great! I did add in one potato just so I’d have a little more “stuff”, but the turnips gave it a really nice sort of nutty, tangy flavour.
      They’re pictured in the next entry, if you want to see. I made them with turnip, potato, red onion, egg and a bit of flour.

  1. I use chard in curries and stirfries – the stems need longer to cook, but the leaves take no time. You can stirfry it with raisins and garlic, too.

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