CSA Week 4

4 thoughts on “CSA Week 4”

  1. The way I keep leafy greens now is to rinse them, shake off the water but don’t dry completely, then wrap them in some paper towels and stick in a plastic bag.

    I might take a few tries to get the correct level of moisture, but the idea is that the paper towels stay damp, but not fall-apart-soggy-wet. I’ve kept both cilantro and lettuce nice and crisp and non-rotting that way.

    I don’t have lettuce ideas beyond wraps… but I feel your pain. The overabundance of a limited number of veggies we were getting tired of (in our case, beet greens and chard) is a big reason why we didn’t renew our share after the first year.

  2. I use the wrap-in-paper-towel method, too (that’s just the way my mother always stored lettuce). But have you considered splitting your share with someone else? I had a co-worker who split her box with a friend since she knew she’d never eat it all herself. Or does that defeat the purpose for you??

    1. Hmm, four days and my beet greens are looking very sad indeed — I guess the vase method works better for garlic and onions than for beets. Next time I’ll try the paper towel method!

      Jen, I don’t really want to split the share (which is a half-share anyway: enough for two adults) because the veggies aren’t too much — there’s just too much *lettuce* : )

  3. I end up throwing lettuce onto Alex’s sandwiches – he’d never do it himself, but it whittles down what we have left.
    We’re not salad people either, though I keep feeling that I should try harder on that front.

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