Body Image

2 thoughts on “Body Image”

  1. This isn’t just limited to girls; I also have trouble talking to people about getting in shape. (It’s funny because I was about to write about this as well.)

    People, often coworkers, get really upset with me when I talk about getting in shape. The truth is that I ‘am’ out of shape; I get out of breath when I run for my bus, I struggle when I play hockey, and when I talk about trying to change my diet to eat more vegetables and less crap, I get scorned. Yes, I ride my bike a lot, but riding a bike is no miracle solution, in my opinion.

    1. It’s hard. You can’t complain about it without looking like a (skinny) douchebag, but what if you legitimately want ideas or advice?
      I think anyone who is unsupportive of anyone’s attempts to “get into shape” should be abruptly silenced — as if there could be *too much* supportiveness in the world?

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