Spring update

6 thoughts on “Spring update”

  1. You mean “Photo taken by Dan”. D^)

    Where do you grow your plants indoors? We have a make-shift grow-op in the yellow room where the cats aren’t allowed.

    1. Sorry about that Dan!

      The veggielets are in the guest room (on the main floor, next to the office). It’s not really a grow-op, since I haven’t done anything for extra light or heat; they’re not even on a table. I just wanted somewhere to put the tomatoes where the cats (well, just Guinness really) wouldn’t eat them before they even got a chance to make real leaves.

  2. Do you want some watermelon? The seedlings grew a lot better than I expected. Also, I might have a cucumber or two to spare, as well, if your new seeds don’t perform as well as you hope.

    By “grow-op”, Dan really means “a room to keep plants”. There are no extra lights or heat, beyond what’s coming from the windows (which is actually a whole lot, given that it’s the yellow room).

    1. Sure! I’m not sure how that will work out, since it sounds pretty water-intensive (duh?) and I’m trying to stay away from diva crops (i.e. corn), but I can try one!
      If you have extra cucumbers, did you maybe want to swap up for variety? I’m actually okay with just planting the one healthiest-looking seedling I have, so if you have an extra or would like a different type (mine are Burpless), let me know!
      Also: I have two (currently quite small) Habaneros that I don’t need if you want some (more) hot peppers.

      1. Sure, it would be interesting to swap.

        I’m actually going to cheat on the jalapenos and buy a few plants from the nursery, since they worked out so well last year. Mmmm, stuffed jalapenos….

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