The unseen world, and a giant icicle

2 thoughts on “The unseen world, and a giant icicle”

  1. First, sorry Charissa but I must absolutely write this: “Is it not enormous? I am both awed by its hugeness, and horrified at the fact that such a thing could have formed on our garage.”

    That’s what SHE said, ha ha ha!!!


    OK, enough nonsense.

    I want to discuss the following statement: “I realize I’m making the obvious assumption that my own perception of things is “right”;”

    Your own perception of things cannot possibly be wrong since it is, as you said, your own perception. Who, in the history of human existence, could ever prove otherwise?

  2. You know what’s worse Dan? I totally *thought* “that’s what SHE said!” as I was typing that out.

    Re: perception, yeah, it goes back to the subjective vs objective truth thing much harped about in first year philosophy.
    I guess I just wanted to make it clear I wasn’t speaking for everyone; just me.

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